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Car Rental insurance in Casablanca Morocco


banner Car Rental insurance in Casablanca Morocco

First and foremost, car rental is a service designed to meet a temporary need. A need for a vehicle to replace his own during a work trip or a stay in another city or another country.
Rental agencies offer other additional services and products such as transfer from/to the airport, delivery of the vehicle at the airport, Long Term car rental, a GPS navigation system, or even all types of insurance.
Speaking of types of insurance, here are the main types:
Super Theft Protection:
It is a type of protection in the rental car industry that takes place if the car is stolen. This protection covers part of the replacement cost of the rented vehicle during the rental period. It also covers the repair of the damaged vehicle during an attempted theft.
Super Cover:
This type of insurance allows you to eliminate the excess from the excess or to be reimbursed in the event of theft or unforeseen accident.
Theft Protection Coverage:
 If your rental car is stolen, a majority of car rental companies offer you insurance called "Theft Protection" by setting an amount for the loss and damage caused in this case.
Collision Damage Waiver:
Rental agencies provide their customers with "Collision Damage Waiver" insurance. Insurance covering the rented vehicle and means that the company waives its right to sue them in the event of an accident or any other event causing damage to the vehicle.

Other types of insurance are also offered by car rental agencies for your safety and security and that of the vehicle in the event of any unforeseen circumstances. Insurance such as civil liability insurance which covers damage to other people's property as well as hospitalization for other people's injuries if you are legally liable in an accident.
Vehicle insurance such as Tire and Glass Breakage Insurance and Roof and Underbody Insurance. It is still necessary to learn about the specific terms and conditions of the chosen rental agency.
Choose the insurance that suits you best to guarantee you a safe and secure stay.

Car Rental insurance in Casablanca Morocco

Car rental insurance in casablanca morocco

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