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What to choose car rental limited or unlimited mileage?


banner What to choose car rental limited or unlimited mileage?

Whenever the subject of renting a car is brought, a question is always asked; What is the best limited or unlimited mileage car rental?

Before answering this question let’s define those two options. 

What does unlimited mileage car rental mean?

Unlimited mileage means simply that you are granted, during your rental period, to drive as much as you want with no worries about miles or kilometers. This option is ideal for long trips and stays.

What is limited mileage?

It means that you have limited miles/kilometers to drive during your rental period. Once you surpass those limited miles/kilometers you will be obligated to pay extras fees for every extra mile. This option is for short stays and journeys. 

Which is cheaper, limited, or unlimited mileage?

Normally limited mileage is cheaper. But, to decide which option is cheaper than the other, you should determine the nature of your stay. In some cases, limited mileage can turn out to be more expensive.

To sum it up, on a long trip, it is more convenient to choose Unlimited mileage. in contrast, for quick visits and stays opt for the limited mileage option. You also search for car rental companies that offer free unlimited mileage.

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