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Entry requirements for Moroccan territory in 2021

Morocco has decided to impose a ten-day lockdown on people from France, Spain, and Portugal, except for those who are vaccinated against the coronavirus. According to the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this measure entered into force yesterday Wednesday, July 14.

banner Entry requirements for Moroccan territory in 2021

Hardened conditions

After months of a state of emergency and a shutdown of tourism to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, Morocco reopened, on Tuesday, June 15, its air borders with several countries, mainly European. The countries were divided into two lists: the first so-called category A, people coming from the European Union, the United States, Canada, and others must present a certificate of vaccination or a negative result of a PCR test of at least 72 hours from the date of entry into the country.
Those who come from the countries included in the second list, called category B (which includes 74 countries), are required to present a negative PCR test of at least 72 hours from the date of entry into Morocco and be confined for ten days in one of the structures designated by the local authorities and at their expense. A new PCR test must be performed on the ninth day to authorize the release from quarantine. Only travelers from those countries who are vaccinated against the coronavirus are exempt. Morocco had already decided on July 4 to add Egypt, Tunisia, and Russia to the second list, while no country was added to the first list.


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